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  Special Days : The 21st of December of 2005 = First day of Winter (Winter Solstice - shortest day of the year). 
  Special Days : The 30th of October of 2005 = Daylight Savings Time ENDS - set clocks back one hour. 
  Special Days : The 22nd of September of 2005 = First day of Fall (Autumnal Equinox - night and day are of equal length). 
  Special Days : The 21st of June of 2005 = First day of Summer (Summer Solstice - longest day of the year). 
  Special Days : The 2nd of April of 2005 = Daylight Savings Time STARTS - set clocks ahead one hour. 
  Special Days : The 20th of March of 2005 = First Day of Spring (Vernal Equinox - day and night are of equal length). 
  Special Days : The 26th of December of every year = Kwanzaa BEGINS 
  Special Days : The 4th Thursday of November of every year = Thanksgiving Day 
  Special Days : The 4th Friday of November of every year = Black Friday 
  Special Days : The 16th of October of every year = Boss's Day (National Bosses Day) 
  Special Days : The 17th of September of every year = Citizenship Day 
  Special Days : The 16th of September of every year = Stepfamily Day 
  Special Days : The 14th of June of every year = Flag Day 
  Special Days : The 22nd of April of every year = Earth Day 
  Special Days : The 1st of April of every year = April Fool's Day 
  Special Days : The 17th of March of every year = St. Patrick's Day 
  Special Days : The 22nd of February of every year = Washington's Birthday (traditional) 
  Special Days : The 12th of February of every year = Lincoln's Birthday 
  Special Days : The 2nd of February of every year = Groundhog Day 
  Special Days : The 1st of January of every year = Kwanzaa ENDS 
  Special Days : Every day of November of every year = National American Indian Heritage Month 
  Special Days : Every day of October of every year = National Disability Employment Awareness Month 
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