"Technical Recruiting and Consulting "
  • Software Design and Development
  • Mainframe/Client Server Migration
  • Web Design
  • Systems Analysis, Design, Development and Architecture
  • Systems Engineering
  • Data Migration
  • Data Warehousing
  • Systems Administration
  • Networking LAN, WAN, MAN

Interested in the Cutting Edge?

    Blake Harper & Associates, a pioneer in intelligence community recruiting, has spent the last 25 years, providing quality service to the defense / intelligence, commercial and telecommunications industries, by providing permanent and temporary staffing in multiple disciplines.

    Our clients are the leading designers and developers of the most dynamic  and advanced systems on the market. They look to us to provide them with stellar quality individuals who are interested in state of the art Software development and engineering projects. If you in search of top quality individuals or you are a self starter and go getter who wants a creative, fulfilling future in information systems technology give us a call!

  • ELINT/SIGINT Systems Architecture
  • Enterprise Systems Development
  • Intelligence Analysis
  • Legacy Maintenance & Modification
  • Mainframe to Client Server Conversion
  • Web Design and Development

Blake Harper & Associates
Blake Harper
4138 7th Street Suite 606
North Beach, Md  20714
Email: blake.harper@comcast.net

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